Dedicated to serving those in need.



As part of our ongoing mission to provide access to resources to those in need. Whether we are providing eyeglasses to children who would benefit from them, supporting research and education to increase access to healthcare, understanding patient safety and the use of intraoperative neuromonitoring and other adjuncts, or supporting direct care in areas with failing or under-served areas, is committed to making a difference.



Identify the need: Different areas of the world have different needs, and these needs are variable and often challenging.

Find a solution: Whether a need and solution are closely aligned, or separated by logistical challenges, focuses on solutions. Our goal is never an incomplete or stop-gap fix, but rather a unified, often changing execution of a solution, and a problem solved.

Make a difference: The world is a challenging place, and the goal of is to identify and make a difference. One Life is our motto - and it means that we address and help one life at a time, and make a difference to one or many.


““Solice shows how local changes make a global impact.

One. Life. at a time.”



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