One of 10 children would benefit from eyeglasses...


...One in 10,000 children in sub-Saharan Africa has access to eyeglasses they need.


Eyeglasses For Children appreciates that we have the privilege of having access to the most advanced health care system in the world. We recognize that the vast majority of the world is not so fortunate. We believe that one area where we can make lasting and powerful impact is in vision and eyesight. It has been estimated that up to half of the children in institutions for the blind in Africa can be made to read normal or large print with the help of glasses (J. Silver et al, Br J Ophthalmol, 1995). in conjunction with our sponsors have initiated an eyeglass program to do onsite screening and fitting of glasses for children in under-served sub-Saharan Africa.  The pilot program is focusing on school-aged children in Tanzania in 2017 with the aim of fitting 250 children with glasses in need.


One. Life.



International Rural Telemedicine.


One mission of is to explore relationships between technology and leaders in a variety of fields of medicine using telemedicine as a vehicle. We also appreciate that there are significant access issues to large parts of the world for specialty care. Accordingly, we are working with health care leaders in Abuja, Nigeria and other areas in sub-Saharan Africa to find sustainable and effective means of delivering telemedicine consultation and educational opportunities to local health care providers. 

Beyond research studying delivery and hurdles associated with international and remote access health-care using telemedicine, we are also expanding the reach and access to specialists. We are meeting with care-providers in remote centers in these same regions to initiate care using telemedicine in a graduated approach.  The challenges are considerable, but the mission of increasing access to those in need is an important focus.



Every three seconds in the developing world, a child dies needlessly due to lack of basic health care and other things we all take for granted.
— C. Danes