Furthering the fund of knowledge...


Our research effort at is a multi-faceted approach in several areas: Neurological research, both clinical and basic research, and other projects including economics of medicine and delivery of care.


Neurological Research.

Neurological research has come a long way in the last 50 years, yet still remains a frontier that has endless bounds for further research and understanding.  We are exploring and supporting ways in which we can help increase the level of understanding to neurological research from clinical perspective. We are also looking at methods of the expansion of the field to other areas of medicine but with a focus on the neurological axis. Lastly and importantly, we focus are also focusing on the economic impact of advances in patient care to maximize value-based utilization of health care resources.

Research grants.

While is passionate about research and education in projects like patient safety and remote telemedicine delivery, there are many areas of research that can advance our mission of One. Life.  As such, we accept and will review requests for research grants in these and other areas that keep with our mission and goals. Requests must come from a researchers who have an academic affiliation with an advanced degree in a US institution. While all requests are reviewed, only a select number will be funded, and the decisions made by our research committee are final. There is no relationship between grant awards and utilization of products or services by our sponsors.